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Get the word out about the start of the program with this press release template.

Thank you for downloading the Sample Press Release for the Giving Tag Program!

Fill in this press release and distribute to local media to spread the word about the launch of this initiative.

What Does This Resource Include?

This sample press release template will help you announce the launch of this Giving Tag Program to local media outlets to spread the word about this initiative. This template is just one resource available to help you organize, promote and celebrate this important cause.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Giving Tag Program?

Every GIVE BACK Bag comes with an attached Giving Tag. Each time you purchase one of these bags, the store donates $1 to a local nonprofit. The Giving Tag gives you the opportunity to direct the $1 donation to a nonprofit of your choice within seven days of the purchase. If the $1 donation is not directed within seven days, then it will automatically be donated to the store’s default nonprofit beneficiary that month.

How can I use the Giving Tag to direct my $1 donation?

When you buy the bag, you’ll notice there’s a tag attached to it. Simply follow the instructions on the back of the tag:

  • Scratch and reveal the unique code. *Note: there are no numbers in the code.
  • Visit within 7 days of your purchase.
  • Fill out the necessary information on the website form.
  • Select a nonprofit to receive the $1 donation.

If the donation is not directed within seven days of purchase, the donation will automatically go to the store’s selected nonprofit beneficiary that month.

Does the Giving Tag replace the monthly GIVE BACK Bag Program?

No. The ongoing Giving Tag Program is separate from the monthly GIVE BACK WHERE IT COUNTS Reusable Bag Program. As a monthly selected beneficiary, you will automatically receive any funds from the purchase of the GIVE BACK Bag that are not otherwise directed by the Giving Tag. If you are selected as a monthly beneficiary, you will be notified about a month in advance. The Giving Tag provides an ongoing opportunity for shoppers at any store to direct the $1 donation to the nonprofit of their choice at any time.